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The Swiss multiartist Maurizio Mancioli conceived Acquabox during the late 20th century, inspired by a sci-fi movie, his memories of scuba diving with his father since he was a young boy, and by a great will of feeling deeply relaxed and light, in a state of suspension of time and gravity.


He perfected the design, researched the best providers, technologies and materials, fine-tuned the details, hired specialists from all over the world and did several tests until he came to this minimalist piece-of-art, full of hidden features for a unique transcendental experience.


At first, he designed it for his own usage and delight, at his house in São Paulo. It was not intended to be a product for sale. But it didn’t take long until people started asking him if they could also have one at home. So he developed all the logistics needed to scale it, but since it is a very exclusive item, very few were sold up until now.


His experience is key for the well-functioning and safety of this human aquarium. This is why he personally designs every detail of the the adjustments needed for each particular project, and follows every step of the installation.

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